Set of 2 Heavy duty movable Plant Pot Caddy FSC 100% Acacia Wood Wheels Caddy - 30cm

Set of 2 Heavy duty movable Plant Pot Caddy FSC 100% Acacia Wood Wheels Caddy - 30cm

Per Box (Incl. VAT 20%)

Code: 08031
Products size (mm): 300L x 300D x 80H
Carton's size (mm): 320L x 320D x 85H
Gross Weight: 1.80 Kgs
Max. load weight: 120 kg (~ 264 lbs) each
Packaging: 2 Pcs/ box

VERSATILE & STURDY DESIGN: This set of 2 movable Plant Pot Caddy is made with FSC 100% Acacia Wood Wheels that provide a 360-degree solid construction. The caddy comes with 4 lockable wheels, allowing you to move your plants around effortlessly while keeping them safe and secure.
CONVENIENT TO USE: Whether you're looking to move potted plants or use it as a garden cart, this Plant Pot Caddy is the perfect choice. With its 30cm design and 4 lockable wheels, you'll be able to easily transport large and heavy potted plants without straining yourself.
PERFECT SIZE FOR YOUR PLANTS: This Plant Pot Caddy has been designed with convenience in mind. Measuring 30cm in diameter, it's the perfect size for moving even large potted plants from one location to another without difficulty.
EASY TO CLEAN: Made from durable FSC 100% Acacia Wood Wheels, this Plant Pot Caddy is easy to clean with just a damp cloth and some mild soap. You can also use it indoors or outdoors without worrying about any damage caused by weather elements or wear and tear.
UNIQUE DECORATION PIECE: Not only is this Plant Pot Caddy functional but it also adds a unique touch to any room or outdoor space due to its stylish design. Its sleek lines combined with the natural acacia wood give any space an upscale look while adding functionality at the same time.

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