Paris Dining Set FSC 100% Acacia Wood natural colour and fabric (1 table + 6 chairs)

Paris Dining Set FSC 100% Acacia Wood natural colour and fabric (1 table + 6 chairs)

(Incl. VAT 20%)

Code: 58201

Products size (mm):

   Chair: 585W x 705D x 1050H

   Table: 1800/2400L x 1000D x 720H

Carton's size (mm):

   Chair: 960L x 590D x 145H

   Table: 1840L x 1025D x 155H

Gross Weight: 100.00 Kgs/ Set (7 boxes)

Packaging: 1 Set/ 7 boxes

Enjoy Quality Time with Family: This Paris Dining Set is the perfect way to bring family and friends together for a meal. It features an extendable table, 1800-2400mm in size, and six foldable chairs crafted from FSC-certified 100% acacia wood. Its natural colour adds to its timeless look and ensures your dining space will be stylishly furnished.

Versatile Design: This Paris Dining Set is designed to suit any occasion as it offers versatility in seating arrangement and table length. With its extendable table, you can accommodate more people or create intimate settings. The foldable chairs make it easy to store away or transport if needed - a great feature for those who prefer a flexible set up!

Durability & Comfort: Crafted from high quality FSC certified 100% acacia wood, the Paris Dining Set is made to last. It's also comfortable too; the backrests on the chairs provide extra support while you dine, making it well suited for long conversations and meals without feeling uncomfortable.

Easy Maintenance: The Paris Dining Set is also relatively easy to maintain; simply wipe down with a damp cloth for daily cleaning, and use wood furniture wax every few months to keep its natural hue! No need to worry about scratches either; thanks to its solid construction, the set can withstand wear and tear over time without losing its appeal.

Timeless Style: Last but not least, with its natural colour scheme, the Paris Dining Set exudes timeless style that will fit right into any home décor. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary décor style

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