ROYAL LOUIS - Wooden old model ship - Handmade - Size 94cm Length

ROYAL LOUIS - Wooden old model ship - Handmade - Size 94cm Length

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Code: TO-15

Products size (mm): 940L x 250D x 840H

Carton's size (mm): 970L x 290D x 880H

Gross Weight: 7.00 Kg

Packaging: 1 Pc/ box

Unique & High-Quality: The ROYAL LOUIS wooden model ship is a stunningly detailed and uniquely designed handmade piece of art. Every detail, from the intricate rigging to the exquisite paint job, is crafted with precision and care to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will be sure to turn heads.
Timeless Design: With its classic sails, old school wood construction and 94cm length, the ROYAL LOUIS model ship pays homage to traditional sailing vessels of days gone by. It?s the perfect piece for any nautical or maritime enthusiast looking to add some vintage style and elegance to their home decor.
Realistic Appearance: Every aspect of this model ship has been carefully crafted so that it captures all the elements of a real sailing vessel in miniature form. From the decorative mastheads to the delicate rigging lines, every detail has been included to give it an authentic look and feel.
Easy Display: This beautiful model ship comes with a solid wooden stand, making it easy to display on any shelf or tabletop without taking up valuable space. Its compact size makes it suitable for any room in your home or office, giving you plenty of options for displaying your new treasure!
Great Gift Idea: The ROYAL LOUIS wooden model ship would make an ideal gift for anyone who loves ships or is interested in maritime history. Its timeless design and attention to detail will be sure to delight any sailor or seafarer in your life!

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