BLUE NOSE - Wooden yacht model - Handmade - Size 80cm Length

BLUE NOSE - Wooden yacht model - Handmade - Size 80cm Length

(Incl. VAT 20%)

Code: TY-005
Products size (mm): 800L x 170D x 750H
Carton's size (mm): 840L x 220D x 720H
Gross Weight: 4.00 Kg
Packaging: 1 Pc/ box

Captivating Design: This magnificent wooden yacht model is an eye-catching addition to any nautical collection. It is handcrafted with intricate details and features a beautiful blue nose, sure to stand out amongst the rest. Perfect for display or as a gift!
Quality Craftsmanship: Our BLUE NOSE Wooden Yacht Model is expertly crafted with great attention to detail. Its size of 80cm in length makes it perfect for any shelf or countertop and its durable construction ensures that it will last for years to come.
Unique Decoration: Enhance your home, office, or collection with this exquisite wooden model of a classic sailing ship. The vivid blue nose stands out against the natural wood, making for a truly unique piece of decor.
Perfect Gift Idea: This handmade wooden yacht model makes an excellent gift for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or any special occasion. Show someone how much you care by giving them this one-of-a-kind artistic piece that will be appreciated for years to come.
Versatile Display Piece: Whether you are looking to add a nautical touch to your home or office space or simply want a unique conversation piece, our BLUE NOSE Wooden Yacht Model is sure to do the job. With its exquisite detailing and captivating design, it adds style and charm wherever it goes!

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