FERRARI - Wooden speed boat model - Handmade - Size 97cm Length

FERRARI - Wooden speed boat model - Handmade - Size 97cm Length

(Incl. VAT 20%)

Code: TS-01
Products size (mm): 970L x 350D x 220H
Carton's size (mm): 1100L x 450D x 320H
Gross Weight: 7.00 Kg
Packaging: 1 Pc/ box

Handcrafted Excellence: This FERRARI wooden speed boat model is built with precision and care by expert artisans, making it a unique and stunning piece. It is hand-painted with an eye for detail, giving it the same look and feel as the real thing.
Classic Design: This classic model of a FERRARI speed boat will be the perfect addition to any room in your home. Its sleek lines, colour scheme, and iconic logo make this design timeless and perfect for any fan of the brand.
Durable Quality: This handmade wooden speed boat model is made using quality materials that are sure to last for years to come. The craftsmanship ensures that your boat won't easily break or crack due to rough handling or accidental bumps. Enjoy your boat for years to come!
Stunning Details: The attention to detail in this FERRARI speed boat model will take your breath away. From its intricate hull design to its realistic engine parts, no detail has been overlooked in bringing this classic design to life. This makes it a great conversation starter when you show it off!
Perfect Size: At 97cm long, this FERRARI wooden speed boat model fits perfectly on shelves or tables without taking up too much space. Its size also makes it easy for little hands to hold, so children can enjoy learning about boats and playing with their own mini masterpiece at home!

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