RIVA GUCCI (Blue + White) - Wooden speed boat model - Handmade - Size 89cm Length

RIVA GUCCI (Blue + White) - Wooden speed boat model - Handmade - Size 89cm Length

(Incl. VAT 20%)

Code: TS-26B
Products size (mm): 890L x 250D x 280H
Carton's size (mm): 950L x 310D x 340H
Gross Weight: 7.00 Kg
Packaging: 1 Pc/ box

Timeless Design: The RIVA GUCCI Wooden Speed Boat Model is a timeless piece of art, crafted with exquisite detail and precision. It features a stunning blue and white color scheme that will bring style to any room or office.
Handmade Quality: This boat model is handcrafted using only the highest quality materials for added durability. Each boat takes days to assemble with careful attention to every detail, resulting in a unique and beautiful piece of art.
Impressive Size: Measuring at 89cm in length, this boat model makes for an impressive sight on any shelf or table. Its size ensures that it will be the center of attention in any space you choose to display it in.
Perfect Gift Idea: Looking for the perfect gift? This handmade speed boat model is sure to please! With its eye-catching design and high quality craftsmanship, it's sure to be cherished by anyone who receives it.
Home Decor Addition: Whether you're looking for something to spruce up your living room or a conversation starter for your office desk, this speed boat model is sure to be a hit! Its classic design will add interest and sophistication wherever you choose to place it.

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