RIVA RAMA BLUE - Wooden speed boat model - Handmade - Size 91cm Length

RIVA RAMA BLUE - Wooden speed boat model - Handmade - Size 91cm Length

(Incl. VAT 20%)

Code: TS-14
Products size (mm): 910L x 270D x 270H
Carton's size (mm): 970L x 330D x 330H
Gross Weight: 7.00 Kg
Packaging: 1 Pc/ box

Handcrafted Workmanship: This RIVA RAMA BLUE wooden speed boat model is a true statement piece, featuring carefully handcrafted detailing by skilled artisans. Its 91cm length and unique design will stand out in any collection, making it the perfect gift for any boat enthusiast or collector.
Realistic Look and Feel: This model looks and feels like the real thing! Its intricate details, including decking planks, motor parts and masts are all meticulously crafted to give you an accurate replica of a classic speedboat. Whether you're looking to admire it on display or take it out for a spin in your own lake or swimming pool, this model provides an authentic experience.
Sturdy Design: The RIVA RAMA BLUE is designed to last! Built from durable wood that's been expertly carved and shaped into a realistic speedboat shape, this model won't be going anywhere fast! Its strong construction allows you to enjoy its beauty for years to come.
Compact Size: This model has a convenient size of 91cm length making it easy to store almost anywhere. Perfect for those who want to enjoy their own little slice of the ocean without taking up too much room. This model also makes an ideal desk ornament when not being played with - letting you take your boating dreams with you wherever you go!
Fun For All Ages: No matter how old you are, everyone can appreciate the beauty of this handcrafted boat model! It's perfect for both children wanting something fun and exciting or adults wanting something special that'll be treasured forever. Bring some nautical flair into your home with this authentic replica of a classic

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